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If the Suit Fits…

Hey all,

I hope this finds you all nice and rested after your 3 day weekend.  I know that I enjoyed hanging with family, and going to a couple bbqs.  I did get to do something that I have never done before, I went and bought my first suit.  I know that this may seem like a pretty ordinary task, but for me it was REALLY cool.

First of all you get a ton of attention.  People  bringing you jackets and pants, and measuring to make sure they all fit perfectly just for you.

Anyway I am not here to write a blog about my suit buying experience (entirely).  But it was during my experience that I got the idea for this post.  While I was there, there was another man trying on some suits.  I was not really paying that much attention to him except that he a BIG man around 6′ 3″  300lbs or so, and that he tried on about a dozen different suits.  I remember thinking, wow, what is he gonna get one of everything?   But about 20 minutes later I saw the man talking to the tailor that was helping him, and he had an odd look on his face.  He then grabbed his things and left with a very sad look on his face (and NO suits).

Because I am nosy, I asked the tailor what happened?  I kind of jokingly said, “So he tried on every suit in the place and bought nothing?”  The tailor’s response made me feel kinda bad.  He said that he was trying on all those suits because none of them would fit.  The conversation that I saw at the end of him trying all of those suits on was the tailor telling him he was going to have to go to a big and tall store because they did not have anything that would fit him.

I realized how much I take for granted the things being in shape allow me to do .  It also made me realize why Aaron and I do what we do.  It made me think of all the people that have come to us after a couple months of training and share with us what they are now able to do that couldn’t or hadn’t been able to do in years.  I couldn’t help but want to run after that guy and talk to him about our program and how much we could help him.  Although I am sure that was the last thing he wanted at that moment, but usually it is moments like that one that that make someone decide to make a change in their life.  I truly hope that he decides to take action so that he never has to feel like that again.

So….what does this have to do with anything?  I just thought that if this story hits home with anyone reading it, or you have had a similar experience, I just wanted to say that it is NEVER to late to change.  You can take control of your life and enjoy the simple things that come from being fit and healthy.  Now  I am not saying that you need to come sign up with me or anything like that, but if nothing else, use our newsletters, videos, and blog information to get on the right path.

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