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Are you Paying Your Fat Tax?

Now before I get completely into this subject, I want to set a few things straight.  I am in NO WAY saying that unless you train with me you are wasting your time, nor am I saying that I have ALL the answers and my way is the only way.  Now….we can continue.  The fact of the matter is that many people out there, in fact many that get our emails each and every week, dismiss them because they “Already have a gym membership.”  Now this in and of itself is fine.  Many fit people have gym memberships to 24 hour, LA Fitness, and or whatever club you affiliate with.

They however are the exception to the rule.  A VAST majority of gym pass holders have never really gotten the results that they want.  In fact when I used to work at 24 hour, I would quite often go out and talk to members about their goals, how long they had been working, and how far they had come.  I am sad to say that I heard things like “Well I have been coming for about 6 months, and I have lost almost 5 pounds.”…… 5 POUNDS?!?!?!  Holy Crap, if I had been training for 6 months and had barely lost 5 pounds I would have quit!!  Even sadder than that is the fact that they are actually the minority that continues to come.  In a study that I did while I was in school, I found that out of 100 people that start a new workout routine, only 20 of them will make it past the 6 month mark, and less than 10 will make it a year.

What does this mean?  Well it means that 90% of people with a gym membership aren’t really paying a membership fee, they are paying a FAT TAX.  I call it a fat tax because it is an amount of money that many people pay in order to feel better about the shape they are in.  In other words, “I know I am out of shape, I eat terribly, and am always sick, but at least I have a gym membership.”  THAT is what this post is about.  This is for all the people that think that because they have a gym membership, they will somehow magically get in shape.  Or even the people that go to the gym, but don’t really know what they are doing, wander around, do some cardio and go home wondering why they have only lost 5 pounds in 6 months. 

If any of this sounds familiar, you are definitely not alone.  The fact is that if it were easy to be in shape, we would not be one of the fattest nations in the world.  You have to think about fixing your health and fitness in the same way that you would look at fixing your car.  If your car was broken, would you try to fix it yourself with no previous knowledge of auto repair?  Then when you couldn’t fix it, would you continue to drive it know that it is still broken?  Of coarse not, then why would you approach your own health and fitness that way?  For the same reasons that you would not try to fix your own car, you shouldn’t just join a gym, and think that by moving around some weights and jumping on a treadmill that you will shed that unwanted weight.

Believe it or not, there is actually a science involved in fitness.  There are important factors that come into play not only with your workouts, but also with your calories, rest days, and on and on.  I am not trying to make this sound over complicated, but truth is that not an easy thing to do.  And if you are reading this, and what I am describing sounds kinda like you, I strongly encourage you to talk to a qualified fitness professional.  No this is not the part where I tell you that I am the key to your fitness (Although I happen to think that I have one of the best programs around), but educating yourself is.  Make today the day that you stop paying your FAT TAX!

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