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A Mechanic for your Health

I was inspired to write this post after a long conversation that I had last night with a now former Train Insane member. It seems that this person could not see the point in participating in a program where he was finishing last every time. To him it made more sense to train on his own until he got in better shape. I realized that this was somewhat of a common thought among people starting exercise programs for the first time. The problem with this is that if you are already out of shape, and have been that way for quite some time, and you have tried unsuccessfully in the past to fix it, what makes you think that you can get there on your own? To me this concept makes absolutely NO SENSE. Yet time and time again I hear form people “As soon as I lose 10lbs I am going to join your boot camp”, or “As soon ans I get in better shape I will join.” To me that is like saying as soon as I feel better I am going to go see a doctor. Sounds kind of backwards doesn’t it? If you are sick, you go to the doctor, they give you some medicine and you get better. You don’t go into your kitchen and try to make your own medicine out of products in your kitchen right? The same is true when it comes to fitness. If you are out of shape and need to improve your fitness why would you try to “make your own medicine?” It breaks down to this, could you get there on your own if you buckled down and really made it
a priority? Absolutely. Could you also fix the transmission in your car if you read all the books and devoted all your spare time to learning how? You bet. But in the same way that a mechanic would save you both time and frustration, a coach would get you there faster, and improve your chances of success. I know that not many of you would attempt to fix your own transmission and would not think twice about taking it to a mechanic. Why then would you hesitate to turn your health and body over to a professional? Is your health not at least as important as your car? Okay I am done venting, i hope that you were all able to take something away from this. Remember, you all have the ability to reach your destination, but don’t be afraid to ask for directions.

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