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UN-FAT in a bottle?

New scientific study showed that the new fat loss supplement UN-FAT helped 97% of users lose an average of 15lbs in just 5 weeks.  The study also concluded that the participants only walked at a slow pace three times a week, and made minimal changes in their diet. Further more Dr. Spits explains that the pill is a revolutionary discovery and will forever change the way we think about health and weight loss in America. Dr. Spits says that this discovery is amazing on so many levels.  First off most Americans are so busy that working out even 3 times a week is a stretch. But now with UN-FAT in their corner they will not have to worry about working out and will have that ideal body they want!  Second, he says that no more will you have to risk injury in a gym in order to achieve that toned body, now it’s as easy as taking a pill a day.

Now be honest, how many of you reading this are looking for the number to call?  BUSTED!! By now most of you are probable thinking, “No way this is to good to be true” or thinking well hell sign me up where can I get these magic pills! The reality of it is this, the above statement is NOT true.  However it’s not far off from what most supplement companies tell you their products can do. And the other sad reality is that millions and millions of Americans fall victim to this trap each and every day! Now don’t you think that if these supplements could do all the things I listed above or what supplement companies claimed they could do, that they would sell the products for WAY more money?  I can’t tell you how many excuses people come up with when it comes to working out.  I hear things from i have no time, to money issues, and everything in between.  What I think is extremely funny, is the fact that probably half the people that say money is the reason they can’t get into a fitness program have spent THOUSANDS on crappy products that don’t work.  There is NO way to buy your way into the body you have always wanted.  Even surgery is only temporary if you don’t change your habits.

Let me give you a little scenario here. Lets say on one hand you have a fitness coach telling you that to be in shape it takes hard work and dedication. You are going to have to watch what you eat and workout at least 3x a week. On the other hand you have a supplement company telling you, “All you need are these pills and you are on the way to that ideal body”.  Which one do you think most people in will want to believe?  We as a society want to believe SOOO badly that somewhere out there, there is a MAGIC BULLET.  Well let me be the first to tell you THERE’S NOT!!! There is no amount of fat loss pills on the planet that can ever replace a good mind set, and taking action towards health and fitness. And by a good mind set I mean, having goals, and someone with you who can help you with those goals. Understanding that fitness and optimal wellness is a journey not a destination, and also knowing that looking and feeling good is done with time and sweat in the gym not by popping a pill!

If these so called Miracle pills are so effective then why is there an inverse relationship with supplements being sold and the health statistics of Americans? Here is an interesting fact. Currently in the U.S. Americans buy about 20 billion dollars annually on weight loss supplements. Yes I said BILLION!! Next time you think about taking a weight loss pill think about it like this, every pill you take is like taking money crumpling it up and throwing it in the trash. Now I wouldn’t take money and throw it in the trash would you???

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    January 25, 2011 at 5:45 am

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