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Cardio is NOT the Answer Part 2

Alright so I have some VERY important things to talk about in this article, Matter of fact its even going to be life changing. I was inspired to write this article for two reasons, one because I recently visited a corporate gym and saw lines in front of the cardio machines, and two because clients ask all the time how long they should be doing cardio to get in shape. I was recently reading an article by a strength coach about cardio exercise vs interval training, and he referred to the cardio most people do as the Long Slow Walk to Nowhere. That pretty much says it all!

Now im going to be upfront with you all, what I am about to say may turn some of your worlds upside down! In fact it may challenge or go against  your beliefs on what you thought was the ultimate ” get in shape method” .  Now I undertsnad many of you out there reading this will still spend countless hours on the elipitcal or treadmill like a hamster on a wheel no matter what I say.  If you are ok with seeing no changes in your body and being eternally frustrated that’s fine. However for the few who actually get outside their comfort zone and actually apply some of the principles in this article will see HUGE improvements in their body. Now as a former endurance enthusiast I can tell you first hand that cardio is NOT all it’s cracked up to be when trying to get in shape. When I ran my last half marathon I was around 190 with a much higher body fat percentage than I have now, and I was a better runner then as compared to now. But I am leaner now that I am doing less running and more weight training. So I guess if your goal is to be a good runner and look sub par then by all means keep on running!! But if you really want to look lean and be at a low body fat percentage then, you BETTER ditch the hours of cardio and trade it in for HIIT and free weights!

Now for the million dollar question…Why do people spend hours on cardio machines till their eyes bleed??? The fifty cent answer cause its easy!! To be honest Geoff and I have no clue as to why people continue to do nothing but cardio. I guess for one its easy and two because it takes no skill or knowledge to sit on a bike or treadmill. Look if sitting on a bike or elliptical got you in shape, Train Insane Gym would be filled with them, but they DONT PERIOD! You dont believe me, take a look at the pictures below and see for yourself. If cardio was the answer than Geoff and I would be doing it, and we would have ALL our clients doing nothing but cardio. I hate to break some your hearts but sitting on a fancy bike or treadmills that tells you how many calories you burn WILL NOT get you the body you want. However I will tell you what WILL…Get ready because here is the secret, its probably not the secret you want to hear but tough shit its the truth…..Weight training, and HIIT training!!! I know what you’re all thinking “but lifting weights is hard” well folks I have news for you! Being in shape is hard work, but damn does it feel GOOD!!!

You can do all the jazzercise DVD’s you want, and be pissed off when you lose 20 lbs and look worse than when you first started! Thats just another down fall of tons of cardio, is the fact that it promotes muscle loss. And there is nothing more frusterating for Geoff and I than women telling us ” I dont want muscle”.. Umm YES YOU DO you just dont know it. If it was all about just losing weight then Geoff and I would reccomend our clients to run 4 hours a day and sit in a sauna for another 3 hrs a day. All that will do is lead to muscle loss and saggy lose skin. The more cardio you do the more your arms will wave back at you when you wave to someone, is that what you want?? If the answer is no then you better get your butt in gear and start a complete fitness program with weight training.

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