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9 Tips to Live By

Since we are in the age of technology, people always want the readers digest version of everything.  So it is no surprise that these days when I get asked a question, people do not want an explanation, they just want a quick answer.  Things like, “What is your best tip for weight loss,” or “What one exercise burns the most calories.”  While questions like this always amuse me, it did make me think of a great way to get out some of my core beliefs when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  I decided to sum up my…mantra so to speak when it comes to fitness, fat loss, and nutrition.  Here they are in no particular order…

9.  SLEEP!!!! It always amazes me how people function on less than  7 hours of sleep.  When did sleep become an optional part of your health and fitness?  Look if you are at all serious about your health, both physical and mental, you will make sleep a priority in your life.  I recommend no less than 7 hours a day for a person that is training hard.  If your schedule allows, you can get away with 6 hours at night, and an hour nap during the day.   My point is this, you recover while you sleep.  No sleep… No recovery…No Results!!

8. Consistency I have preached this for so long, but it is still at the top of my list when people ask me questions.  This alone is the key to achieving your goals.  I am going to put this very simply,  You CAN NOT get in shape with sporadic workouts.  Training hard for a week, and then taking a week off will leave you frustrated, and ultimately lead to quitting.  No matter what you think, if you are consistent in your training, you are getting better each week. Results are not always measured best with a scale and a tape measure.  There are many internal changes that need to take place before you can see the external changes.  Stay focused, stay positive, stay consistent!!

7. Mental Toughness I talk about this a lot in our Boot Camp, but I realize that not everybody knows what this means.  Mental toughness is something that is built by never saying “I can’t.”  More specifically, it is always pushing yourself to places your brain tells you you can’t go.  It is mind over matter in its most basic form.  Mental toughness is sprinting when you could jog, starting another round when there is only 30 seconds left and you could just stop, finishing a workout when you could easily quit, or even getting to a workout after a long day.  Mental toughness that we develop in the gym can also be carried into day to day life.  The best part is, that day to day life will not seem nearly as challenging, when your mental toughness comes from being on the verge of mental and physical exhaustion, your day at work may not seem so stressful.

6. Nutrition Without this you can scrap the rest of the list all together.  It has been said, and I truly believe that,’ You can not train your way out of a bad diet.”  If you treat your stomach like a garbage pale, then your external appearance will match.  Without getting too much into detail, you need to make sure that you are getting all of your micro (vitamins and minerals)  macro nutrients (carbs, fats, proteins) and in the right amounts.  All of these things come into play when you are trying to get in shape.  Simply cutting carbs is not a recipe for success, it is one for failure.

5.  Sugar I know that I talked about nutrition, but sugar deserves its own category here.  Sugar is a food that many people would think boost energy, and for a short period of time they are right.  The problem is that the energy boost is short lived, and the crash lasts twice as long.  By keeping your blood sugar in check during the day, not only will you keep your energy level more stable, you also decrease your risk of developing Type II diabetes, and all the problems that come with that.  Cut sugary foods out of your everyday diet, and save them for a special occasion once or twice a month.

4.  Water I am sure that by now everyone knows that you should drink water, the problem is that people don’t.  Water helps so many different functions of the body that I don’t even have room to list them all, here are a few… water aids in weight loss by flushing out waste products.  Helps with headaches caused by dehydration, and boost your immune system.  Just to sum up DRINK WATER! lots of it.

3.  Eat Fish Studies have show that by adding fish to your diet even twice a week can reduce the risk of heart attack.  Fish is also a great way to get your omega 3 fatty acids.  (You should also get your Omega 6 and 9 but for now we are talking about fish.)  Great choices when selecting fish are Ahi Tuna, Salmon, Halibut, and Tilapia.

2.  Stop Depending on Anti-Biotics When you do get sick or have a head cold, don’t rush to the doctor and demand anti-biotics.  A recent study showed that over 142,000 emergency room visits a year are due to adverse reactions from anti-biotics.  On top of that, the more you use anti-biotics, the less effective they are.  Save the prescriptions for when you are seriously ill, rather than your every day head cold.

1.  Space Out Your Meals Yes another one about food.  Like I said it’s important.  Be sure to space out  your meals evenly throughout your day starting with BREAKFAST.  You should be eating about 5 balanced meals a day.  This accomplishes a few things.  First you are never starving when you sit down to eat and have less cause to over eat.  You will maintain a consistent blood sugar level.  Finally and perhaps most important when your goal is fat loss, it will make sure that your metabolism is reved up all day long, so that you are burning the maximum amount of calories.

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