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Shake It!

Now Aaron and I get asked a lot about protein shakes.  Which one is the best, which one tastes the best, and on and on.  The truth is that it is all a matter of personal preference.  In fact, I am  probably the WORST person to ask seeing as how I will choke down the worst shake on the planet if there is nothing else available.  When you have had the worst, almost anything is better.  However, this post is going to be a few examples of GREAT shakes that I have had, or have had recommended to me.  I will break down the ingredients for each one, and what each one is good for.  Enjoy!

Flu Fighter- 317 cal, 7gm fat, 29 gm protein, 33 gm carbs (all natural sugar)

1/4 cup blueberries Blueberries are LOADED with disease fighting anti-oxidants, and have anti inflammatory properties.

1/4 cup mango- Mangos are one of the few fruits that have vitamins A,C, and E.  Recent studies also show that they may have a hand in lowering cholesterol

1/2 cup no sugar added yogurt– Yogurt has a long list of benefits, especially for women.  These range from high levels of calcium, to gastro intestinal health, to an abundance of B vitamins which aid in a healthy metabolism.

1 Tsp Organic Honey– Honey has many useful properties for everyone, but especially for women.  Honey aids in maintaining healthy skin, as well as having anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.  Honey is also rich in anti oxidants.

1 scoop of the protein of your choice– I am a big fan of whey, but if you have issues with lactose, there are great powders being made from hemp.  Anyway, protein is need for everyday function in your body.  Any and all repair done to your body is done with protein.

1 Tbs Udos Choice Oil- This stuff is AMAZING.  Get all of your essential fats in 2 or 3 table spoons a day.  It has a long list of ingredients, but look it up, you will be glad you did.

Instructions: mix first 5 in a blender, then add the powder and mix on low. (some ice may help the consistency, or freeze the fruit)

The Wake-Up Shake (Energy)

1 ripe banana– I think we all know bananas have potacium by now, but did you know they can help with: morning sickness, nicotine withdrawl, heartburn, blood pressure, and even stroke risk.  (I sure as hell didn’t)

1/2 shot espresso, 1/4 cup fresh coffee, or 1 tsp instant coffee- For all you coffee haters our there (Aaron) here is a short list of health benefits: Coffee drinkers are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and reduce certain risk factors for heart attack. (I would like to add that this came straight from Web MD http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/coffee-new-health-food )

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon- I had no clue that cinnamon did all this:  Lower bad cholesterol, decrease risk for blood clots, decrease advancement of certain types of cancer, ease arthritis pain, and has the ability to stop medication resistant yeast infections (hey I just write what it says)

1 cup vanilla soy milk or vanilla rice milk– Holy Hell this is long list!  Here is the abridged version: Cancer prevention, aids with menopause, osteoporosis, heart health, kidney disease…do you get the picture ITS GOOD.

1 scoop protein powder– Already discussed

The MASS Shake (gotta do one for the guys)  This is interned ONLY for those that are trying to put on some size during their workouts (our athletes, and a few guys in class).  If you are NOT trying to get bigger this is clearly not for you.

1 cup whole milk–  Same value as any other milk, but you are getting some extra calories from the milk fat.  There other things you get from the milk fat such as vitamins A and D, that are very beneficial.

2 Tbs Natural Peanut Butter– In addition to the added calories and good fat, peanut butter has a large amount of Vit E and B3.

2 scoops whey protein– discussed earlier

1 whole banana– discussed earlier

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