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In Home Challenge 3

Since our in home challenge videos have been so popular, we decided to throw up another one.  This one will be a little bit tougher than the last two, but the video should clear up any questions.  For this one, all you will need is a dumbell.

1. Single arm Snatch

2. Burpees

This workout is done with a 1-10 rep scheme.  This means that there are 10 rounds to be done in all.  Round 1 you will do 1 rep of each exercise, one single arm snatch (on each arm) and 1 burpee.  Round 2 you will do 2 of each, round 3 you will do 3 and so on until you complete 10 rounds.  So your last round will be 10 single are snathches on each arm and 10 burpees.  Good luck, post your time and what you thought of the workout.

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