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The Truth About Weight Loss

Okay, this post has been a long time coming.  I have been asked this question, or questions like this for about as long as I have been a coach/trainer.  I guarantee that most of you have either asked these question or have wanted to.

Now with a program like the one we have at Train Insane, we make some pretty BIG claims.  The biggest one being that if you buy into the program and follow it to the letter, we GUARANTEE RESULTS! The problem is that this program is not like anything many of you have ever done before.  Many of you have been part of aerobic classes, kick boxing,  running, cycling, some sort of resistance/ weight lifting program, but never one like this.

The difference is this; with Train Insane, you  are part of an ACTUAL PROGRAM.  Not just a program that is built to pack as many people as possible into a room  to make the most money, but a progressive program that is built on achieving RESULTS!

The problem here is that many other programs are made to give you a quick loss in weight.  Now notice that I said weight and not fat.  Many of you, and to be honest mostly women are SOOOOO over concerned with the number on the scale, that you can’t see past it.(see: The Scale Means Nothing)  The truth is that you should be concerned with losing FAT not just WEIGHT.  If you don’t know the difference, don’t worry, I will fill you in.  Losing weight could come from anything.  It could be water, muscle, the fact that you ate more or less food before you weighed yourself, and so on.  (By the way, none of these things will in any way change your appearance and all are only temporary changes)  Losing fat on the other hand will DRASTICALLY change your appearance.

Now when you start a program like ours, you need to know that we are not in the least bit concerned with what your scale says.  That is a losing battle that we gave up on long ago.  That is also why you will not find a scale anywhere in our gym.  Our program is not set up for you to come for a month and leave.  If that is what you are looking for, then I would suggest you join a jazzercise class, or maybe do some sort of crash diet.  But if you are really looking to make a change not only in the way look and feel, but in your health and lifestyle, then Train Insane is EXACTLY what you need.

There are several reasons why many people will experience some initial weight gain when starting our program.  Let’s get the one and only bad one out of the way first.  This has to do with YOU not making the changes to your eating.  Put very simply, if you are eating too much, YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT, I don’t care how much you train.  You can not train your way out of poor nutrition.  Now, in hoping that the majority of you are following the meal plans that we give you, ther are a couple of other reasons that you may be gaining, or not losing weight.

1.  Your Body is FREAKING OUT–  Especially if this is the first time you have really lifted weights, your body is not sure how to respond to this new stimulus. Couple that with the fact that you are hopefully giving it different fuel (food) and it is easy to understand why it may be struggling to adjust.  Depending on the shape you were in when you started the program, it could take a couple weeks, to even a couple months to level itself out.  This is why our program is not meant for a quick fix.

2.  You are building muscle at the same rate, or faster than you are losing fat–  Some people have an easier time  gaining muscle than others.  This is not a bad thing, but will cause the scale not to move.  This is why we tell all our members to base their progress on the way their cloths fit rather than the number on the scale.  Clothes will tell the true story, as muscle takes up much less space than fat does and will still cause a loss in inches.

3. You’re Swollen–  Lifting weights disrupts your bodies homeostasis.  This means that it is irritated by it.  This is a good thing, because it is this irritation that causes change.  However, after a hard workout, this irritation can cause water retention as the body repairs itself.  This is not a gain in anything other than water, but again will make the scale say that you are gaining weight.

Now these are just a couple of the possible reasons that the scale may not say what you want.  My question to you is, if you looked exactly the way you wanted, legs, tummy, arms, butt, etc.  would you really care what the scale said?

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