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Why Train Insane?

So I am writing this post because of a comment that someone made to me the other day.  I was out with some friends, and ended up on the topic of Train Insane, (weird) and someone asked me if I ever talked about anything other than “work?”

This made me think…. I had never thought of Train Insane as work before.  Yet here I was with a group of people that for the most part had nothing but bad things to say about their jobs, and I realized how lucky Aaron and I are to love what we do.

It also made me think about why I do talk about it so much?  The answer is what this post is all about.

You see, fitness is something that EVERYONE wants.  I don’t care how old you are, or where you are in your life, if I offered you the body of your dreams you ‘d take it in a heart beat.  That being said, if everyone wants it so bad, then why aren’t we all in shape?

Well there are several answers to that question, but the biggest ones are BAD information, and our own laziness.  What happens is, we all want getting in shape to be easy, so when some sweaty douche bag on TV tells you all you need is this pill, or gadget, or whatever, you want to believe it will work.  I think that deep down we all know that we are kidding ourselves, but would rather roll the dice on that crap than do what we know we should.

Now the question was “why do I talk about Train Insane so much?”  My reason is simple.  I feel obligated to tell AS MANY people as possible about it because I think it is the BEST program around to get people in shape.  The way I look at it is this, people will eventually look for a way to get in shape, because lets face it, being fat sucks.  So if I don’t tell them about my program and get them involved, then someone will sell them on a shitty product or program that DOES NOT work.  So you see I am really saving them from themselves 🙂

But even more than that, I know that there is truly no program out there like us.  Not one with better or more qualified coaches, a program that has gotten the level of results, the personal touch of knowing every client and what their particular goal is, or even access to all of the informative articles that we put out each week.  We truly are the only thing you need to make your fitness goals a reality. The only question is, do you have what it takes not just to workout, but to push yourself each and every time you step foot our gym?  To make sure that you are getting better with every workout, and ultimately to achieve things that you never thought possible?

If you are tired of walking into 24 hour, LA Fitness, or whatever other globo gym you train at and feeling lost.  If you feel like your 45 min jaunt on the treadmill is not really cutting it any more, and you are frustrated, but don’t have anyone to guide you.  PLEASE! come try Train Insane for 1 week  ON US!(CLICK HERE) The longer you are frustrated with your workouts, and continue to see little or not results, the higher the chance you will lose motivation and stop working out.  Come see us and get on the path to the body you have always wanted.

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